Unveiling Truth: Chronicling the 1947 UFO Incident in Roswell, New Mexico, USA

These evidences show that the USA has alien technology since long, long time ago, but they keep it top secret. The top secret space missions to other planets might be done so far.

Those missions might have invaded aliens’ areas on the other planets, so they would come to invade and occupy Earth in the same way. This might be the top-secret reason for hurrying to explore the moon and Mars for samples as a new colony for human race in the future. I think what

I believe my analysis isn’t off base because I’ve scrutinized all space missions and the increasing UFO sightings globally. I think multiple groups of aliens are arriving on Earth with colonial spaceships. That’s why NASA and many countries are striving to establish a presence on the moon and Mars today.

Think and make decisions for yourselves whether what I said is true or not.

Way back in the 1960s, I did see some evidence that there are basic structures being built on the dark side of the moon, and there were other people who saw this evidence with me in Los Angeles, California. So, the United States government is not telling us everything at all. Now, with my big mouth, I might just be in trouble, so what else is new?

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