“Unveiling Lunar Mysteries: The Moon, Humanity’s Enigmatic and Captivating Satellite, Poised to Disclose an Astounding Secret”

The Moon, that fascinating satellite that has intrigued humanity for centuries, reveals a surprising secret: an alien ship hidden in the dark.

A UFO has been seen lurking in the shadows of a lunar crater, an extraterrestrial life conspiracy theorist has fancifully claimed.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scot Waring has claimed to have produced conclusive evidence of alien technology on the Moon.

“This is huge and it’s sitting on a hill leaning to one side.”

Waring estimates that the alleged alien craft is about 1 km long.

He proceeds to speculate the reason why the supposed alien technology would remain in the shadows.

UFO sighting: The alleged UFO and alien base met in the Moon’s tycho crater (Image: Keith Laney) He wrote: “the object sits in the shadows to hide it or to keep the sun’s rays limited.

“Many aliens like grays have a second eyelid that is like a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from light.

“If this species of alien also has sensitive eyes, the glaring sunlight could disturb any species, since the Moon is much closer than the Earth at times to the Sun.”

The lunar anomaly is then colored in to better see the lunar depths.

He added: “It looks like the UFO on the right hand side has just landed in the shadows.”

And Waring dismisses any idea that the lunar anomaly is simply a natural rock formation.

“It seems that the shadows show me their natural form.”

the disputed discovery was a prominent tycho impact crater in the lunar highlands south of the Moon.

UFO sighting: Moon bases could one day become a reality (Image: Getty)

Named after Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, the crater is estimated to be 108 million years old.

the video quickly garnered dozens of comments when Waring’s video was uploaded to YouTube.

Commentator Liz M wrote: “There is some more truth hitting ‘NASA’ in the face and everyone else who wants to deny it.

fuente: kenhthoisu.net

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