“Groundbreaking Discoveries That Challenge Conventional Understanding and Define a New Era in Research!”

Although scientists often criticize theorists and label them crazy, the fact is that the explanations they propose are riddled with contradictions and icopses.

As an alternative explanation, they refer to believing the idea that 100 physically weak slaves were able to lift 50 rocks 100 feet into the air through their strength alone, with a technological boost.

They would prefer to believe that those “out of time” artifacts are useful, but they are not a rock and they stop even though they are clearly real. And that they are not based on a temporal set of views like the 400,000-year-old light bulb and the toy industry. which are more than 6,000 years old by now.

carvings of strange deities that come to earth and rule over us.

Some bunkers showing the existence of puslar technology over a million years ago, a shower of pus that melted the group and turned everything into glass.

Humans self-mutilate their own bodies to resemble the praising egg-shaped heads of visitors, etc.

The amount of information we are aware of is enormous. While it may be true that science deals with the problem, we prefer to be candid rather than casual.

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