Discovery Reveals Over 36 Extraterrestrial Races, Hinting at Diverse Life on Planet UFO (OVNI)

It is believed that there is only one intelligent species on earth and that is Homo Sapiens (modern humans).

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However, the crucial question is: did any of them try to contact the inhabitants of the earth?

In 1837 Scottish scientist Thomas Dick estimated that there were at least 22 billion extraterrestrials living on every surface of the solar system (other sources say 22 billion).

Additionally, there are reports of man-made structures being discovered at various locations in the solar system.

Dr. Nolan discussed UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations, crashed materials, and possession of UFO materials on a podcast with MIt researcher and professor Lex Fridman.

“How many extraterrestrial civilizations are there in the universe?

He replied, “Countless.

Could an alien race be in contact with the human race?

“We are the aliens, but we think they are someone else.

the CIA declassified about 12 million pages of information in 2017, exposing previously unknown details about the program dubbed Project Stargate.

“I keep seeing very tall people.

Another account of the encounter comes from the late John Lear, a CIA pilot.

“The problem is not just the fact that five and even ten different civilizations are visiting us.

Lear made several claims during his interview with Coast to Coast AM radio shows that may be difficult for anyone to accept.

Moreover, John Lear said that NASA astronauts visited Mars in 1966. Moreover, Lear believed that astronauts have been preparing for this trip for a long time.

Another case sheds additional light on human origins.

According to Alex Collier, his first encounter with the Andromedans was in 1964. He had had infrequent and persistent communication with them since 1985. In 1993 he began attending seminars where he began sharing the information that

Collier said in his final lecture before retiring from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002 that the ancient alien race known as the Founders are responsible for creating the environments on planets and making them habitable.

He even claimed that aliens are able to suppress moons in order to alter the planet’s orbit around the sun and regulate the amount of radiation.

Collier claims that humans are made up of 22 extraterrestrial races.

Admitting the Collier case, there may be some truth to former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer’s statement that extraterrestrials not only exist, but are present on earth among humans.

Paul Hellyer, who held high government authority during the Cold War in the 1960s, claimed to have discovered with certainty the existence of extraterrestrials during his military service.

The behavior of extraterrestrials towards humans falls into two categories: positive and negative.

William Tompkins (1923-2017), one of America’s most secretive scientists, discussed the role of extraterrestrial intelligence in a secret space program in his book, “Selected by Aliens: My Life in the Top-Secret World of

It targeted two different alien species: “Draco”, whose stated goal was to eradicate humanity from the planet, and the “Nordics”, who helped the United States launch the Apollo program.

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