Discovering ancient signs of extraterrestrial presence in ancient Egypt

From the cave paintings of prehistoric humans to the ancient symbols and hieroglyphs not only of the Egyptians but of many other peoples, everything suggests that extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands of years ago.

The hieroglyphs depict humans with very strangely shaped skulls, unlike humans, which is why many people believe that the ancient Egyptians were talking about aliens.

Many hieroglyphic symbols depict images of humans with elongated skulls identical to those believed to be extraterrestrials. A hieroglyphic symbol that closely resembles a flying saucer was carved on many ancient Egyptian monuments. The shape and structure of the flying saucer closely resembles a famous extraterrestrial space vehicle.

Strange alien-like creatures have been seen on many hieroglyphic tablets throughout Egypt. These creatures have large black bullet-shaped eyes and human-like bodies, but they are not human at all.

A statue of an alien-like creature often seen in science fiction stories and movies can be found in a pharaoh’s temple.

This is a corner of the wall engraved with ancient symbols at the Dendera temple, Egypt. On the wall we can see an object very similar to an alien flying object, which contains a creature inside, which looks quite similar to the image of the alien in the movie ET by the famous director Steven.

Inscriptions in the temple at Dпdera, Egypt, depict the Egyptians controlling the “ancient light bulb”. On the right is a rather strange creature, because it has a long tail, but it is not an animal because it has four legs and can stand upright like a human, and it can hold a knife, but it is not human. Of course, this can’t be a monkey because a monkey can’t do this.

Many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols clearly depict a creature with a large head and large eyes, which closely resembles the aliens often seen in science fiction films.

In 1988, Egyptologist Louis Caparat was exploring the interior of the Great Pyramid when he stumbled upon a secret coffin. The sarcophagus was sealed shortly after the pyramid was completed, more than 4,500 years ago, and appears to be clear glass.

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