New Evidence Suggests a Dual UFO Crash Incident in Roswell in 1947

In June 1947, both American and global public opinion were stirred by reports of an unidentified flying object (UFO) crashing near Roswell, New Mexico.

Upon receiving information from the public, US officials promptly arrived at the scene to collect suspected UFO debris. There were even rumors circulating that alien bodies had been discovered.

Initially, the US military acknowledged the incident as a UFO crash. However, shortly thereafter, they retracted their initial statement and asserted that the suspected UFO debris was actually from a weather balloon that had exploded during a test flight.

Nonetheless, many individuals believe that the US government concealed information regarding the Roswell UFO crash for undisclosed reasons. Consequently, this incident has remained a contentious topic of debate for many years.

This enigmatic occurrence garnered even more public attention when Richard French, a retired US Army lieutenant colonel and pilot, informed the press that two objects had fallen in Roswell in 1947.

“Two objects descended in Roswell. This is something that most people are unaware of,” stated former officer Richard French.

The former US Air Force officer also stunned many when he claimed that the first object had been shot down by a test aircraft while flying over the White Sands area in New Mexico.

The weapon employed to shoot down the object believed to be a UFO was a pulsed laser device.

The second object crashed several kilometers away from the first. Mr. French speculates that the second object crashed during the search for survivors of the initial incident.

This is also the reason some individuals believe that aliens did indeed crash in Roswell in 1947. However, they have been unable to substantiate this claim as there is no concrete evidence or official military documents from the US government regarding this matter.

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