Lunar Enigma Unveiled: Investigator Uncovers Compelling Evidence of UFO Crash on the Moon

In an interview on ABC radio, the 77-year-old former astronaut Edgar Mitchell said that NASA officials like him are not allowed to reveal their knowledge of UFOs even after the mission is over.

But somehow, these pictures have been leaked for decades. They are strung together to become a ‘big’ question for NASA: What is this?

Dr. Mitchell, who holds a PhD in aerospace, says that the ‘sensational’ stories from 1947 telling of alien appearances near Roswell (USA) are real.

According to him, the “aliens” are not much different from how we imagine them: small bodies, big heads, and very big eyes. They have no hostile appearance.

In a statement, a NASA representative said: NASA does not track UFOs and does not store any information about UFOs or extraterrestrials, about their presence both on earth and in space.

However, these images raise doubts, as they have been taken at various points over the past 60 years. Especially a few former NASA employees voiced their confirmation.

See some more images that have been hidden by NASA for the past 60 years, ‘leaked’ in some way to the public and the global internet.

In every place, under the sea, in the air, or in outer space… there are objects that are not the products of man.

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