Defense Forces Thwart Alien Plot to Transform Earth into Simulated Machine Realm

After serving in the United States Army for 28 years, Dean retired as a Command Sergeant Major. Dean asserted he had access to a classified government document known as “the assessment,” discussing potential extraterrestrial threats on Earth, ultimately concluding such threats were nonexistent.

Considering himself a professional UFO investigator, Dean obtained “Cosmic Top Secret” clearance during his military tenure. Over his lifetime, he claims to have visited the alien ship six times.

This former serviceman portrayed extraterrestrials in various forms, spending much time on the tall, slender humanoid ship. On one occasion, the aliens purportedly showcased their planet, where kindness prevails due to a single race inhabiting it.

Extraterrestrials, having evolved over 31,000 years, represent advanced civilizations. Meanwhile, humans stand at a pivotal juncture, presented with the opportunity to advance and master space technologies.

However, humanity’s disunity impedes progress, according to renowned Russian ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Chernobrov advocates for the abandonment of national borders and governments to unite humanity as one.

Dean envisions a future where language evolves, drawing inspiration from extraterrestrial cultures. He shares intriguing insights gleaned from these beings in his interviews, emphasizing the importance of spiritual states and enlightenment.

Amid global tensions, humanity appears to diverge from the development path envisioned by aliens, focusing on materialism rather than spiritual growth.

While Dean’s sources of information remain unclear, contemplating such profound matters may offer valuable insights into our existence.

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