Aurora Project: Is the U.S. Testing a Hypersonic Spy Plane?

We’ve been delving deep into stories of highly classified black triangle aircraft, known as the TR-3A, TR-3B, Manta, Astra, and often, simply as black triangles, allegedly being operated by the United States for decades.

In Part I, we discussed the significant increase in Black Triangle UFO sightings in the United States starting in 1997.
In Part II, we explored contemporary reporting about a classified black triangular aircraft, known as the TR-3A, that allegedly even saw combat flying alongside the F-117 Nighthawk in Desert Storm.
We’ve also covered the recent claims of UAP whistleblower David Grusch.

In this installment, we’ll discuss far more exotic claims surrounding a platform many have taken to calling the TR-3B.

The TR-3A may have been a fairly grounded story about a stealthy reconnaissance platform designed to operate alongside the F-117… but this story gets a whole lot stranger when discussing longstanding claims of the TR-3B. Unlike the turbojet-powered TR-3A, the TR-3B is supposedly powered by a reverse-engineered anti-gravity drive that was recovered from a crashed alien spacecraft. The TR-3B is where reports of UAP, performing seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers, intersect with stories about very real aircraft.

There are lots of claims all over the internet about the TR-3B’s anti-gravity drive, most of which include using nuclear power to rotate highly pressurized mercury to produce plasma, and in turn, a gravitational field.

Most stories about the TR-3B’s development revolve around Operation Paperclip – the program that saw the United States absorb more than 1,500 German scientists and engineers at the end of World War II to continue work on various defense technologies. We’ve discussed in the past how myths about advanced Nazi technologies were born in the years after World War II, and as the folklore surrounding this anti-gravity platform matured over the years, it was not exempt from the reach of “Wunderwaffe” claims.

Despite how silly these claims sound, there is actually some evidence to substantiate elements of them. For example, an anti-gravity drive of the sort believers claim powers the TR-3B would require massive amounts of power production – more than we could possibly produce with current aviation engines. But, then, Lockheed Martin does have a patent for containerized cold fusion reactors they say could be small enough to fit inside the fuselage of an F-16…

But that’s only the beginning. The most extreme (and perhaps, unbelievable) aspects of the TR-3B could potentially be explained by the work of one aerospace engineer who is reportedly now employed by the U.S. Space Force.

In 2020, the U.S. Navy filed a series of extremely unusual new patents pertaining to the sort of seemingly science-fiction technology found in claims about the TR-3B. These patents cover a wide range of topics from gravitational-wave generators to spacetime modification weapons, and they all have one thing in common. Or rather… one person. Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais.

According to Pais’ official biography, he’s spent time as a NASA graduate research fellow, an advanced concepts analyst with Northrop Grumman (the same firm reportedly behind the TR-3A), the Department of the Navy Strategic Systems Program, and now, according to reports, he’s with the U.S. Space Force.

So far, it’s been confirmed that the Navy has poured at least $466,000 into helping advance Pais’ work since 2017. Much of the work has subsequently been made public in the form of three patents filed by the Navy, the first of which came in 2016 with the title: Craft using an inertial mass reduction device.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, here’s how a Navy PowerPoint slide labeled “For Internal Use Only” explains the implications of Dr. Pais’ technology, as revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Warzone.

If you’re starting to get awfully skeptical of the things I’m telling you, I don’t blame you. I’m skeptical too – but Pais does have some very noteworthy supporters, including the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Naval Aviation Enterprise, Dr. James Sheehy.

“China is already investing significantly in this area,” Sheely told Patent Examiner Philip Bonzell, and “would prefer we [the U.S.] hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology” as he asserts “this will become a reality.”

What may be the most unusual aspect of the patents associated with Pais’ work, however, is that they’re public. The U.S. military has reserved the right to file patents that are not available for public viewing since the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951.

Of course, these patents also wouldn’t explain the United States allegedly having this technology in the 1990s. In fact, there is no evidence to suggest that these patents have manifested in physical technology even today. But believers will tell you that the United States has been working to learn how these systems function for decades and may only be revealing their efforts by way of patents to get ahead of foreign UAP reverse engineering programs of countries like China, which supposedly may be on the verge of a breakthrough or some form of public disclosure.

The work of Salvatore Pais may ultimately yield incredible results, but for now, there’s little evidence to substantiate his claims or that his patents even work. And within the scientific community, he has his fair share of skeptics.

Carl Willis, a nuclear engineer and reactor supervisor at the University of New Mexico, who is actively working on the development of an advanced dense plasma focus fusion neutron source for the Army, told The Warzone that Pais’ work “contains invented jargon, nonsensical statements, weak or absent evidence of an informed theoretical basis, an ‘overabundance of nebulous adjectives and adverbs instead of meaningful quantities in technical writing,’ and “lots of statements made in passing that seem to contradict basic and accepted physics.“

In other words, his patents may not be the anti-gravity smoking gun.

Pais’ work may not be directly related to TR-3B sightings, but one patent that many believers contend is related was filed in 2004 by an inventor named John St. Clair. This patent is often pointed to as evidence that the technology discussed in TR-3B stories is real, but to be honest, that seems unlikely.

St. Clair has filed numerous patents over the years, many of which relate to seemingly alien technologies – and many of which are now officially listed as abandoned. Some of St. Clair’s other patents include:

– A training system for walking through walls
– An electric dipole spacecraft
– A Hyperspace torque generator
– A Magnetic Vortex Wormhole Generator
– A Full Body Teleportation System
– A Remote Viewing Amplifier
– A Water Energy Generator

To date, none of these patents have resulted in actual working prototypes – and that’s not without precedent. As patent attorney Michael O’Brien explains on his website dedicated to helping inventors patent their work, “Generally speaking, a working model isn’t necessary in order to receive a patent.”

Likewise, Erickson Law Group, another firm that helps get inventions patented, explains explicitly on their site that, “You are not legally required to create a prototype before filing a patent application.”

St. Clair isn’t even the first to attempt to patent technology that seemingly exists only in the realm of science fiction. Patents have been filed for inventions that seem to be based directly on UFO reports actually date back decades.

So, while there are certainly patents out there that seem to suggest the United States has been reverse engineering UFO technology, none of these patents appear to be the smoking gun they’re often suggested to be.

However, it’s important to remember that dismissing many of these patents is not the same as dismissing verified reports of black triangles in the sky, whether they’re attributed to the TR-3B or not. And in our next installment… I’m going to share my own sighting with you, as well as I can remember it.

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